Verschenen: Jonathan Israel - Spinoza's Life and Legacy

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Verschenen: Jonathan Israel - Spinoza's Life and Legacy

Gepubliceerd door Jan Mendrik in aankondiging · 17 september 2023
Spinoza, Life and Legacy

Tekst van de uitgever:
Prof Jonathan I. Israel
  • Presents a significant new interpretation of Spinoza's life, thought, and early reception
  • Offers a more detailed coverage of its subject than previous biographies, enabling the author to make a broader and more accurate assessment of Spinoza's role in the early Enlightenment
  • Significantly alters our picture of the early Enlightenment in Europe, including in our understanding of the origins of modern democratic political theory, toleration, and secularism
  • Includes use of historical sources that have never been used before

ISBN: 9780198857488

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Jonathan Israel is in oktober in Nederland en geeft verscheidenen lezingen en boekpresentaties:
3 oktober 2023: Atheneum Boekhandel Amsterdam
5 oktober 2023: Spinozadenhaag Den Haag
6 oktober 2023: Boekhandel Donner Rotterdam

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